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Nieuws uit Lembang

Dear Anne Tedde, Sarah, Anouk, Koen How are you? I am Ilham your sponsor student. Everything ok I hope, with me it’s great! Finally now I can tell you, after a finishing my school at SMK, i'm ready to go to my new college Unicom for my study IT Engineering. It is near Dago (Bandung). My college starts on 5 september and 25 august I will pick up my schedule and books.I am very grateful to get a really good rental motorbike yamaha so I can visit my school every day , so very beautiful it will be my transportation to my current college. I also have been shopping for my college a jackets, shirts, pants.So cannot wait to get start my college! Anyway because you all make my dream comes true, I will thank you for this all ones more. Many regard and till next time Greeting from lembang Ilham

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